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The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. The League influences public policy through education and advocacy.

The LWV of the Flint Area is open to new members who share our ideals. Our local league registers new voters, educates voters on upcoming elections, advocates on local issues and works to engage Genesee County citizens in local governance, decision-making and issues of interest.

  • We also have a FaceBook page that we invite you to join - League of Women Voters - Flint Area
Upcoming 2016 ELECTION DATES: General Election November 8 - General Election (Presidential)

Poll Watcher Training: Tuesday, November 1st, 10am to noon Monday, November 7th, 4pm to 5pm To Pre-register and get more information, contact Linda Hoff at

Voter Registration Form:

To Check Voter Registration Status:

Remember, you must be registered at least 30 days before an election. If you move, you can update your registration at your local Secretary of State office when you change your license/ID.

Our election information site is scheduled to go LIVE the week of Oct 3rd for the November 8th General Election.

Voter Guide - 2016 Genesee County General Election

The LWV of the Flint Area subscribes to as a means to provide the electorate information relevant to voting. Within this site, you can check your registration status, check your precint number and location, see what will be on your ballot, and more.

In addition to, we publish a PDF version of 2016 Genesee County General Election Voter Guide that some people prefer. This file includes the names of candidates in races throughout Genesee County. A number of candidates responded to our request for information by the deadline to produce the 2016 Genesee County General Election Voter Guide. If a candidate's information is not included in the PDF version, they may still participate in the on-line Voter Guide - right up until Election Day; this site is where you can get the most current information.

In addition to viewing the guide, you can print your selections for reference at the polls.

2016 Genesee County General Election Voter Guide

Candidates and their views are neither supported or opposed by the League of Women Voters. The LWV never endorses or opposes a candidate for office. Our goal is to share information in a civil, non-confrontational format so the voters can learn more about their choices at the polls.

NOW Recruiting Poll Watchers for Voter Protection

The LWV is recruiting Poll Watchers as part of our Voter Protection and Public Advocacy program. This is a great way to get active in an important civic activity, yet remain non-partisan. Poll watchers are trained to "observe and record" activities on Election Day as a means to continuously improve the election experience for voters. For more information please contact Linda Hoff at

Election Inspectors NEEDED

Election Inspectors are needed in many communities throughout the county. This is a valuable and important community service. Training is provided through the Clerk's office and, per law, a nominal payment is provided to all workers.

Please contact your local Clerk for more information.

NOTE: you do not have to be a resident of the community in order to serve

To find out more, please visit the Secretary of State website

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