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MI Voter Information Center (MVIC)

The Michigan Voter Information Center (MVIC), is a one-stop site to check and verify just about every voter practice necessary for individuals: voter registration, absentee ballot application and tracking, finding your voting precinct, and seeing what will be on your ballot.

You can also find information about becoming an Election Inspector. It is imperative that we have well-trained citizens working our voting precincts and processing ballots to ensure every citizen's voice is heard on Election Day!

Ready to VOTE

PowerPoint Presentation

This recorded PowerPoint presentation is designed to help you learn more about getting registered to vote, the importance of a state-issued identification, get you prepared to vote, and remind you of voting rights that every voter has. 

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History of Voting

from Rock the Vote

This 3-minute video (from 2012) gives you perspective on historical challenges to voting and why YOUR vote is important. 

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Absentee Voting

The MI Constitutional change that came with Promote the Vote in 2018 made Absentee Voting more accessible to Michigan voters.

Having this provision made adjustments to meeting the voting challenges that came with the COVID-19 pandemic much more manageable. 

Registered voters may now apply for an Absentee Ballot online through the MVIC website. They may also submit a paper application directly to their local clerk or be put on their clerk's list to always receive an application for an upcoming election. Note: ballots only follow completed applications.


Be sure to account at least one week for mail delivery in each phase, plus a couple of days for processing by the clerk's office. 

Ensure your voice is heard on Election Day by voting Absentee!

Judge and Gavel

MI Election Laws & Influence

This recorded PowerPoint provides an overview of laws related to voting, how they influence voting and the importance of your vote.

LWV Online Voter Guide: Vote411

The LWV online voter guide is a great resource to get personalized information.


When you enter your address, the system will take you to see your ballot (where we have an active League) and see responses from candidates. Candidates are asked to share biographical information, campaign information, and respond to questions that we feel will help you make an informed decision on your ballot.


You can also verify your registration status, precinct location and number, and more.  

This site is active in the 30 days prior to an upcoming election.

Any questions can be directed to the LWV at

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Historical Perspectives

of Voting Rights in the US

This video gives you an overview of those who had original privileges and the many different populations who had to fight for voting rights that should have been guaranteed as rights associated with citizenship.

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The Electoral College

This video provides information on why the Electoral College exists, its influence, how states use it for power, and how, sometimes, a candidate can win the popular vote but still not receive enough Electoral Votes to win the Presidency.

Promote the VOTE

MI Constitutional Amendment

The MI Constitutional change that voters overwhelmingly supported in Promote the Vote (Prop 3 of 2018) enshrined a number of voting rights in Michigan's Constitution. 

Ensure your voice is heard on Election Day!